Chamber Awards

Saturdays Excellence Awards – And The Award Goes To…

The Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism presented their annual Awards of Excellence over the weekend at Quarry Golf Club. Chamber President, Heather Sadler of EcoVue Consulting Services, congratulated the recipients as well as all who were nominated. With a record number of over 100 nominations there was a lot to celebrate. With only nine


fabrication (dollarphoto)

Bruce Custom Fabrication

Everyone is an individual with their own individual needs.  Sometimes you cannot just buy what you need and you might be stuck.  This is particularly true for people who live in the country and for cottagers.  If you are in the Peterborough area there is a solution.  If it is not in a store, or


Katie Crowley - Plexus

Plexus Worldwide: Katie Crowley, Ambassador

Plexus Worldwide addresses two of the biggest epidemics in the world, diabetes and obesity. Ambassador Katie Crowley was most excited about their approach to weight loss, feeling that it is so different than anything she has been exposed to…She just had to get involved. Plexus focuses on rebalancing hormones and restoring your metabolism for lifelong



Make Your Own Pine Cone Fire Starters

This is a fun, creative project for the whole family! Fall is the perfect time of year to go for a walk in the woods and collect pine cones. You can then transform these pine cones into fire starters for your own use or to give as Christmas gifts. They are perfect for both wood

Connection Kids

Faith - Lakefield Chamber Award

Cuddles for Cancer – Faith Dickinson Wins “Citizen of the Year”

At the age of 12, Faith Dickinson is by far the youngest recipient of the Kawartha Chamber of Commerce and Tourism’s Citizen of the Year Award. Just over two years ago she founded Cuddles for Cancer, a not-for-profit organization that makes and delivers hand tied fleece blankets to those in need of a cuddle. Initially

Pets & Vets


Dr. Terry’s Zoo

We are busy getting in our fall walks with the buddies before the onset of winter.  Such walks are not without folly.  Spinnaker our King Charles spaniel returned home with a coat full of burrs.  Ingestion of burrs from the Burdock plant can lead to a condition called burr tongue or granular stomatitis diagnosed by


Canada Hockey Pride

O Canada! Pittsburgh Fans Sing Canadian National Anthem at NHL Game

The Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers paid tribute to Canada before their game last night as the entire arena stood to sing the country’s national anthem, O Canada. The special performance of the Canadian national anthem was to show solidarity with the people of Ottawa following the tragic events that unfolded in Canada’s capital city



Canadian Art Flies

Inspired by traditional hand-tied fly-fishing lures — Teresa Mailath, a former gemologist from Peterborough has turned a part-time hobby, into a finely feathered exotic art-fly business know as Canadian Art Flies. Recently Teresa had a new sign put up across from the Liftlocks, courtesy of McConkey’s Realtors and Sheila and Charlotte McConkey. Canadian Art Flies


Water drops on car paint with red leaf

Is Factory Paint Tough Enough?

Why Paint Protection for your Car is a good idea! Even as your new vehicle rolls off the assembly line, the paint finish is not protected.  In fact, the paint is less than half the thickness of a common credit card!  Why does the finish need to be protected?  The enemies of paint finishes are

Real Estate


Insurance Tips for Homebuyers

Summer to-do lists are often filled with road trips, swimming pools, vacation adventures and taking in the great outdoors. However, for many Canadians, the warm-weather season means even bigger plans – such as buying a new home.   Purchasing a new property, especially for the first time, presents many questions. After separating the must-haves from

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