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We all make mistakes, but we don’t all get a chance to fix them before it’s too late. What if you suddenly realize that you made a mistake on your tax return? The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has a method for taxpayers to correct a previous tax filing or reveal information not previously provided in



Why you should have WINTER TIRES!

Winter tires help provide enhanced traction in some of the most severe weather conditions including ice, slush, freezing rain and snow. Here are some quick and helpful facts to help you determine whether they are right for you. Tread Compound & Design: Most winter tires feature specialized tread compounds and advanced tread designs that help provide


Flu Shot

To Get or Not to Get the Influenza (Flu) Vaccination?

How important it is to receive the Influenza (Flu) vaccination? Do we really have to? What if we don’t? Knowing the facts and clearing inaccurate information is crucial to answer these simple yet very important questions which always come up around this time every year. Facts 1) Influenza (Flu) is a severe short respiratory illness that is caused



Preparing for Cottage Closures

Fall is definitely here.  It is a wonderful time of year for those who love the outdoors.  Everything is very pretty but there is work to be done preparing for the next season.   In Cottage Country it can be a lot of work preparing for cottage closures. Depending on what you have around your

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Museum Renewal

Peterborough Museum Renewal

Over the last year, the Peterborough Museum & Archives (PMA) has undergone a remarkable transformation, which is being called a Museum Renewal.  This exciting project is helping the PMA fulfill its mandate to “preserve and celebrate the collective memories of our community: stories, images and traces of the people and the land.” A new stand-alone

Pets & Vets


Dr. Terry’s Zoo

Fall has arrived and we were delighted to be visited in the garden by a flock of 20 Monarch butterflies.  According to David Suzuki hundreds of millions of Monarchs, each weighing less than a paperclip, travel 5000 km from Canada to Mexico – the largest insect migration on earth.  Loss of native plants like milkweed,


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Angevaare – Football is all about Trust

Player Profile: Name: Brad Angevaare Born: Peterborough on January 31, 1995  (Age 19) Favourite Food: Fettucine Alfredo Favourite Movie: Jurasic Park Trilogy Favourite Colour: Green Favourite Number: 7 Favourite Team: Green Bay Packers Brad Angevaare started playing football at age 7 in the Kinsmen Minor Football League(KMFL), and boy is he glad he did. Friends


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Transporting You Safely and on Time

Meet A-Direct Limousine Service. A-Direct Limo has been in operation since 2011, serving Peterborough County and the Kawartha Lakes. Former owners of Lakefield Taxi, Bill and Sharon Wellman offer services for vacationers and business travelers with Airport Shuttle service, transportation for Christmas party guests and wedding services, with safe and on time service. With a



Visit to the Audiologist

The very first visit to a health professional can be somewhat anxiety producing.  The fear of the unknown:  Will I feel comfortable?  Will anything be painful?  Will they understand my concerns, and will I be able to understand (or hear) what is being said? Your introduction to the Audiologist will begin with a discussion of

Real Estate


Insurance Tips for Homebuyers

Summer to-do lists are often filled with road trips, swimming pools, vacation adventures and taking in the great outdoors. However, for many Canadians, the warm-weather season means even bigger plans – such as buying a new home.   Purchasing a new property, especially for the first time, presents many questions. After separating the must-haves from