Peterborough County Council Meetings

County Council will meet on the following days and locations to conduct its regular monthly business: Wednesday, December 10, 2014 First Meeting of Council – 2:00 p.m. Friday, December 12, 2014 Council Meeting – 9:30 a.m. Council Chamber, Peterborough County Court House, 470 Water Street, Peterborough, ON A County Council-elect Orientation and Information session will


Auto Safety

News From The Station

DISTRACTED DRIVERS:  The SECP team will be out conducting a Distracted Drivers Survey on Dec 6th. Remember folks, a distraction is not limited to the use of cell phones! PCOC EXAM CENTRE:  SECP is an accredited affiliate of BOATsmart! Canada. For further information/ to book an appointment, contact Anita at 705-930-4790. Note: You only pay


Female swimmers smiling at each other in the swimming pool

Benefits of Aquatic Exercise

There are so many benefits to exercising in the water. Individuals from the Kawarthas who use the water to work out are a passionate group of people. Take a moment to ask someone why he or she chooses to swim. You should expect a lengthy response about their personal history and family’s adventures with the


Christmas decoration

Bringing the Outdoors In

It is a wonderful design trend to bring the outdoors indoors.  We do it all through the warm months, so why not do it when it turns cold too?  Of course a vase of flowers from your garden is not an option – but a nice bundle of fresh evergreens is! Evergreens such as white

Pets & Vets

look what i have found

The chase is on!

Yikes, company is at the door and your dog is running around with your unmentionables in his mouth. The chase is on! How are you going to get that from your dog? You can scold your dog all you like but no matter what you do, your dog has the prize and nothing is going



Peterborough’s Christmas Comedy Special LIVE at Dr. J’s BBQ & Brews Fri.Dec. 12

  Peterborough’s Christmas Comedy Special LIVE at Dr. J’s BBQ & Brews Friday December 12, 2014. “In Support of the Peterborough Out of the Cold” Program” Peterborough’s Christmas Comedy is a stand-up comedy show, featuring three of Canada’s funniest comedians that are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. Headlining the evening, is the 2014 “Phil Hartman

Real Estate


Insurance Tips for Homebuyers

Summer to-do lists are often filled with road trips, swimming pools, vacation adventures and taking in the great outdoors. However, for many Canadians, the warm-weather season means even bigger plans – such as buying a new home.   Purchasing a new property, especially for the first time, presents many questions. After separating the must-haves from

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