Here Comes Summer!

Oh yes… our favourite season comes again to cottage country!  After a long, cold winter we are ready to have some fun in the sun. Dust off those running shoes, get the bicycle out of the basement, clean up the golf clubs and remember where you put the lifejackets for the boat. Summer’s almost here



Pretty Pink Toes on the Dash

You know the scene: driver – eyes front, both hands on the wheel; passenger – cute painted toes up on the dash, seat back, iPhone in hand.  The picture is so universal that country songs build hits around it, “pretty pink toes on the dash, there ain’t nothin’ better than that”.  Aweeee, so cute, so



When Your Home Business Office Outgrows Your Home

When your kitchen table just won’t do for that important meeting or doesn’t set the right tone, the furnished offices and executive boardroom at Offices That Work are there for you.  Whether you need a permanent office or just need to get away from the kids for a day, go and see them and find

Connection Kids


Bubble Snake

If you live in a house that has an abundance of odd socks, (let’s be honest; who doesn’t?!) this will help you find a use for all those socks you keep thinking you’ll pair up someday. Your kids will love that they can make a snake of bubbles, and the sock is the secret ingredient.

Pets & Vets

Hund Bulldogge mit Sonnenbrille

Dogs Can Be Bullies Too

Dogs can be bullies too. We’ve all seen it; having a pleasant walk with your dog on a leash when a passer-by starts barking and lunging. It can scare the heck out of both you and your dog. This is especially important in the development of young dogs when they are going through their fear


May 7

New Ballpark a GO for Trent University

It was good to hear that final approval was made for a new adult baseball park at Trent University which will start being built this year, with hopes of being finished later this year. It will be ready for the start of the 2016 baseball season.  Also, the soccer field that is on part of



Where to Celebrate Canada Day This Year

The National Theme for Canada’s 148th Birthday on July 1st is “Strong. Proud. Free,” No matter where you live/are visiting in Trent Lakes there are several local Canada Day celebration activities to be enjoyed. Join in and celebrate Canada’s 148 National birthday theme of “Strong, Proud. Free” by proudly wearing red and white and boldly displaying the Canadian flag! Bobcaygeon Area:



Cottage Country Farmers Markets!

Bobcaygeon Farmers Market – Saturday’s 8:00am – 1:00pm at the Bobcaygeon Fairgrounds – 47 Mansfield St Buckhorn Farmers & Craft Market – Buckhorn Community Centre EVERY Tuesday fron 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. from June 23 to September 1, 2015.  Call the Centre at 705-657-8833 for more information.  If you would like to be a vendor call Jean

Real Estate

stoney lake

Beautiful Kawartha Lakes – Stoney Lake & Clear Lake

Stoney Lake is approximately 32 kilometers long and five kilometers wide. Part of the Trent Severn Waterway system, it is entered through the locks at Burleigh Falls, a beautiful area of rushing white water over craggy pink granite rocks from Lovesick Lake. Stoney and Clear Lake exit downstream through the locks at Youngs Point and